Friday, February 17, 2012

Yesterday's Taping: Neck At Night - DEMO

So it looks like Frankie's Apartment sort of might have a talk show portion, a program-within-a-program called Neck at Night. According to some post-it from nearly a year ago, when Frankie goes to sleep, he dreams about hosting a late night talk show - a show that is on SO LATE - you have to be asleep to be able to watch it - as in - dreaming.

Now just for the record, we at Have-A-Heart Productions are never ones to look at an idea and say, "Does this make sense?  Is this even any good?"  No.  We just plough ahead and see if there might me something funny in there.  Here are some screen grabs from yesterday's taping.

Frankie, in Giraffe NECK, with Luca Guidolini on the set of NECK AT NIGHT
The top of that giraffe neck is attached to Mr. Hawthorne,
who likes to throw in his own opinions from time to time
Luca, who some might call droll, talked about his love life, the death of skateboarding,
and how much money was in his pockets
Since we're showing scene grabs - here's a close up of me