Monday, February 6, 2012

Pinback Show

Always Fresh - like me.
This is a Life Bread pinback.

Every Super Bowl Sunday the APIC hosts it's annual winter Political Button Show at the Chelsea Jewish Community Center (236 W.23rd Street) from 9AM - 2PM.

What is the APIC?

The American Political Items Collectors - a non profit membership organization, dedicated to promoting the collection, preservation and study of material relating to political campaigns and the U.S. presidency.  Founded in 1945, the APIC serves a growing hobby (so they say).

Barry Goldwater Campaign Pinback

As for me, I'm not really into politics, I just like buttons (also called pins, pinbacks, and badges).  The only political pins I really like are the kind that try to hype a cartoon character for president.

Tony Lee, the head of the Big Apple chapter of the APIC outed me as a non-politico - even though I was buying this Goldwater campaign pin.
Uncle Josh Pin

This Uncle Josh pin seems to be a fan pin for a 50's era local Children's show host for WCMB TV Ch. 27.  His sidekick is either an ant or a goat.  Josh seems like he's a farmer.

There was a time when a lot of local stations ran their own children's shows.
Goofball hosts were a dime a dozen back then.  I wonder if they were unionized, or at least had get-togethers.
Paas Pinback

I keep the best of my Pinback collection on my old Levi's denim jacket.  The rest like to get dusty on the top of my rarely-Pledged credenza.

This Paas pin was probably worn by clerks at drugstores to help remind you that they made easter egg die now and that your mom's food coloring wasn't good enough anymore.  The best part of using the Paas tablets is that you have to soak them in vinegar.  I love AND hate the way it smells.  It gives easter egg painting a little bit of an edge.

I'm With Stupid Pinback