Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Day, a high octane thriller by Frankie

This is one of my earliest novels, which I wrote during my "fellowship abroad".  They actually made this into a movie in France but everyone is speaking French in it, so I can't really recommend it.  I mean - subtitles.  Am I right?  Plus they switched up my whole holiday theme to be more of a preachy Arbor Day vibe, which I'm still really disgusted about.

P.S. My "fellowship abroad" is how I commonly refer to the summer I spent in upstate, N.Y. as a camp councelor for the Kutscher's camps up in Monticello.  I was 19, and it might've taken me till the end of August, but I finally finished off Tolkien's stupid Fellowship of the Ring - so I could stop lying about having read it to my friends back home.  As for the other two books, I skipped the Two Towers and it wasn't until I dropped out of NYU that I picked up Return of the King - only to read the parts with Gollum in it. Happy Valentine everybody!