Thursday, July 19, 2012

Play Streets

I'm not dissing this.  At all.  I'm making fun of it because it feels really busted and cracked out, but I'm not dissing it - if anything, I'm sweating it, and I wanted to play with these guys, and I'm thinking about getting a knock hockey table for the workshop.

PAL: the Police Athletic League has its own Day Camp Alternative for URBAN YOUTH.
Knock-Hockey in the Park.

I only took this one flick of the set-up and although it's not the greatest photograph in the world, I kept on looking at it all day for several reasons.

1. The sign claims that the Police Athletic League is the BEST FRIEND a kid can have.
2. The Knock Hockey Tables were set up on garbage cans.  GENIUS.  That's exactly how I would do it.

3. The "staff" guy looked like a thinner, younger Biz Markie, but pissed off and not into it.

4. The most obvious reason.  This kid was winning, talking shit, and LOVING it.

5. The best reason. This kid was sitting behind the winner, grilling him, sending across the illest
"hate rays" possible.