Friday, July 20, 2012

Day Camp Bus in Staten Island

The kids on this day camp schoolbus started yelling at me and making fun of my clothes the other day in Staten Island.
The kid on the left is just scary. 

I thought I heard some bad names but when I turned around the kids were just staring at me, like this.
Again, I heard names.  Turned.  Nothing.  

Then I did a fake turn away but looked back at the bus really fast.  Caught this guy SCREAMING.
Called me Clown, and Loser, and some worse ones. 
This kid said my shirt was ugly. Then I took a photo of the bus and all the kids started screaming, "STOP IT!"
"YOU STOP IT!"  They called me a hippie and a bum.
Some were too scared to join in.  One of the activities directors was literally standing next to me,
and he just put his head in his hands.